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welcome to covid 2021! we are yet again back to number restrictions, so we have a few options to help you get your stow fix!


1/  to book a table outside of our walk in times you must do it via our online booking system. please don't phone/social/email us to book a table as we like to have a paper trail. if it says booked out online, it means it's booked out. alternatively we keep 10 spots free each sitting for peeps prepared to risk it for a biscuit. but risk it, don't call us to find out. 

2/ ORDER food & drinks to be delivered to your door here

3/ or you can walk in from the hours between 4-5pm weekdays, 3-4pm on fridays and 13-3pm on weekends. 



you can drool over our regular summer menu right here.   

if you have made a booking and need to edit numbers just email us & we will amend it for you. please make sure you do it by 11am on the day of the booking. 

love all your support. fresh is best.